What’s the Goose Been Doing??

Hey goosers, we know you’ve been wondering what the goose has been up to since the giveaways ceased. Well, we’re here to tell you about PrizeMojo, or as we sometimes call it, Coppergoose reloaded (with a vengeance). PrizeMojo (like Coppergoose) is brought to you by Wimpy Analytics LLC and America…

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Yes, goosers, creating the perfect omelet and developing a giveaway mega-site are alike in that it takes time and a bit of testing to get things right… and much of the testing is as delicious as the final outcome. That’s why we want to encourage you to sign up to become a beta tester at PrizeMojo.

No really, signup is open.

What, exactly, will you get when you sign up to be a PrizeMojo beta tester? Well, the short of it is that you will have fun playing along and shaping the final product during the development, and you will receive even more benefits when the site goes live. If you want the full details, we do have a perks page that we would encourage you to view (why not sign up while you’re over there?).

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Unhatched Copper Eggs Revealed

The goose has gotten word that some coppergoose fans may harm themselves, either physically or emotionally, if they are not told what was in the final prize pack. Well, she has gone into full Mother Goose mode on us and made it quite clear that we must release a picture and contents listing of the final prize, or else!

In any case, we can certainly say that Horace’s prize opening will go better than some and we hope that your reveal goes just as well.

Unhatched Copper Eggs Pack

final coppergoose prize

The contents are as follows:

  • Pack of three comics
  • Spock figurine
  • Adventures in Babysitting DVD
  • “Cold war Duo” Russian and American flag set
  • 8 unmarked copper eggs of various sizes

The copper eggs contained the following:

  • Smallest Egg (1/2): 5 gold one-dollar coins
  • Smallest Egg (2/2): $50 bill
  • Medium Sized Egg (1/4): 5 gold one-dollar coins
  • Medium Sized Egg (2/4): 5 silver half dollar
  • Medium Sized Egg (3/4): $10 bill
  • Medium Sized Egg (4/4): $10 bill
  • Largest Egg (1/2): An egg within an egg within an egg. The outermost containing a $5 dollar bill, the inner a $10 and the center a $20.
  • Largest Egg (2/2): A coppergoose.com branded Egg Shaker

P.S. It seems Horace got his prize and was kind enough to post about it on our farewell page. Thanks, Horace!

The End is Near …

Dear, Dear Goosers.

Throughout the months and years, we’ve helped you prepare for the end in many ways. We’ve offered an array of prizes that would be helpful in any apocalyptic scenario. Well, grab your solar powered battery charger and Zombie Survival Kit, because the end is coming in approximately 15 days.

That is, Coppergoose will be ending soon. We know that the prospect of a world without Coppergoose is bleak. But like all good post-apocalyptic stories (except maybe The Road), this one has a silver lining: the creators of Coppergoose have something new in the works, and you can be the first to know about it. Please visit our Farewell Page (:: sad face ::) to learn more, and to sign up.

Do Any Goosers Have a Game up Their Sleeves?

At Coppergoose, we’re happy to support our users’ gaming habits through regular giveaways of board games, card games, and video games. We also love to clue our users in to new or obscure games. And since we know how creative geeks are, we wouldn’t be surprised if our users had their own games in the works.

While scouring the Internet for the finest geek websites, I came across Gamecrafter, which is essentially a self-publisher for board games and card games. That means that if you have an idea for a game, it can get out of your brain and onto a tabletop. Gamecrafter offers a service to create your game’s prototype, which you can then market to game publishers or use to get a Kickstarter campaign going.

THEN, of course, if you do publish a game through Gamecrafter, we’d love to help you get the word out about it by featuring it as a giveaway on Coppergoose. Of course, even before you’ve finished your masterpiece, you’re always welcome to suggest a giveaway or sponsor one anytime!

Press Release: Coppergoose Offers Unique Advertising Opportunity

Coppergoose.com Offers Unique Advertising Opportunity

Giveaway site makes it easy to get your product in front of thousands

Sioux Falls, SD – Coppergoose.com, a perpetual giveaway game catering to geeks, now offers the opportunity for anyone to sponsor a giveaway. It’s an easy, fun way for people to promote their products or organization.

“A Coppergoose giveaway is a great way to associate positive feelings with your brand,” says Paul Cross, co-founder of Coppergoose. “Unlike banner ads, which are unappreciated at best, sponsorship with Coppergoose puts your product front and center, where our users are eager to learn about it.”

The price of sponsorship is flexible, depending on the giveaway. If a sponsor wants to give away a DVD with a retail price of $19.99, for example, the sponsor would pay the price of the giveaway, or ship it directly to Coppergoose headquarters or to the winning user. In return, the product would be featured on the homepage for a day or more, and remain in the archives perpetually. The giveaway would feature a prominent link to the sponsor’s chosen website, and the opportunity for interested users to buy the item directly.

“We envision sponsorship working in two ways,” says Ivan VenOsdel, co-founder of Coppergoose. “Primarily, it’s an opportunity for organizations that offer products of interest to the geek market to get the word out to a targeted audience. On the other hand, an individual user not associated with an organization could sponsor a giveaway out of a desire to give back to the community, or to promote visits to a blog or another featured site.”

In addition to exposure, sponsors receive feedback from Coppergoose about how well their product performed—how many users opted into it, how much “karma” (chances to enter) they spent, and what they said. Because of Coppergoose’s strict privacy policy, however, data is aggregated and anonymous and not tied to specific users.

Individuals interested in sponsoring a giveaway on Coppergoose.com can fill out the form at coppergoose.com/sponsor/.

About Coppergoose.com

Founded by Sioux Falls, South Dakota residents Paul Cross and Ivan VenOsdel, Coppergoose.com is a perpetual giveaway game for geeks, including fans of comics, sci-fi and fantasy, video and board games, anime, and the weird and unusual. Each day, the site’s mascot (the Coppergoose) lays an “egg” with a prize in it. Users of the site enter into drawings to win the giveaways. If a user passes up a drawing, he or she is awarded “karma,” which can be used to sweeten his or her odds of winning future drawings. No purchase is necessary to play or to win.

#          #          #

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Coppergoose founders Ivan VenOsdel or Paul Cross, call 605-610-8424 or email boss@wimpyanalytics.com.

The Secret Shop’s Secret Inventory

As promised, I’m here today to give you the inside scoop on black market items regularly stocked by the ferret. I can assure you that, shady as he may seem, all these objects do, in fact, do what they say they do. Are they worth the price? Well … that depends on what the ferret is charging on any given day.

The Minions

The ferret has managed to harvest minions that will do your bidding during seven giveaways before becoming exhausted, and, to put it bluntly, keeling over and dying. Don’t worry, though, I’m sure their death is quick and painless. Pretty sure. You don’t have to feel bad for using them. Really.

Minions come in three varieties.

The optimistic minion assumes you love every egg. If you have not responded to an egg by the end of its run, he’ll opt you in.

This egg is great!!!!!! Just great!!!

The pessimistic minion thinks every egg sucks. If you haven’t responded to an egg by the end of its run, he’ll turn it down–and harvest your karma.

These eggs suck, every one of ‘em!

If you’re ready for a wild ride, put a manic minion to work for you. No one knows what the manic minion will do, so watch out! He may blow all your karma on a kitty bank. He may turn down the best egg to be laid in centuries. He has the power to opt in or out, and to use karma at his (rather dubious) discretion. But hey, at least you won’t let eggs you’re going to miss pass you by while doing nothing.

Goose Costumes

As far as the ferret is concerned, staring at the goose’s ridiculous mug every day is torture enough. At the very least, you should be able to dress her as you like. Thus, he offers an array of goose costumes, including …

Independence Day Goose

Friday the 13th Goose


Royal Wedding Goose (also makes a good Royal Pregnancy Goose)

Remember me?


How many of our goosers remember rockin’ karma old school? That’s right, the site launched with this goose employed. What happened to her? Nobody really knows, although I’ve heard rumors about a PETA rescue mission. No matter, we found another magic goose!



Vision Aids

The ferret’s last objects give you the ability to see things other goosers can’t see. Oh, they’re much better than psychedelic drugs. Check them out!

Ever wonder how popular a particular giveaway is? Heat Vision will give you insight into how many users have entered so far. 

Of course, we know that it’s not JUST about user entries; it’s about karma, too.

Karma Vision will let you see an approximation of how much karma has been thrown at an egg.

Wondering whether you should be hoarding your karma for a REALLY GOOD egg down the line? The Egg Scope will let you see one, and only one, future egg. Use wisely!

(Oh, yeah, you won’t know if you’ve used wisely till after you’ve used it. Sorry ’bout that.)

So, there we have it. The ferret is always looking to get his hands on some more  illegal underground deals for you. So start saving those shinies!

Shinies, Demystified

There a few things about Gooseland that even the Goose doesn’t know.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t share them with you, our faithful and beloved Goosers.

Our first step on the road to riches (in the form of shinies) is the magpie’s nest. The magpie will visit you when you’re having a bad day, because she likes the shirt you’re wearing, or as an omen of a future win.  The magpie’s visits are totally random. She’ll chirp to get your attention. Click on her!


She leads you to her nest, where you can collect shinies. The amount of shinies you get is dependent upon how nice you were to your mom when you were growing up. The amount of shinies you get is also randomly determined. You may not be able to use them right away, but hold onto them anyway! You can keep track of how many shinies you have in the header.

shiny inventory

I know what it feels like to have those shinies burning a hole in your pocket. So, where and how to spend?


There’s another character lurking around Gooseland who likes shiny objects … the ferret. He may appear randomly above a day’s giveaway, beckoning you into a back alley where he has wonders beyond your dreams a few black market items. To enter the alley (at your own risk), click on the ferret.

The ferret’s inventory isn’t always the same, but I’ve got the inside scoop on some of the black market items he regularly stocks. To learn what they are and what they do, stay tuned for a future post!

Bring Friends to Coppergoose … Get Karma!!

Did you know that Coppergoose.com started with only 75 users? Now, we have close to 3,000 … but frequent activity and dedicated users are crucial to keeping Coppergoose running. We’ve gotten nearly all our users by word of mouth, and we want to reward every gooser who brings a new user onboard. That’s why we set up karmic reactors. Every user has at least one in his or her inventory. To find it, just click the number next to your inventory count in the header. Or, if you don’t like clicking on numbers, you can click the “Rewards” tab.

inventory click

Then click on the Karmic Reactor Room.

karmic reactor room

Here’s where the real fun begins. Below your karmic reactor, you’ll see a URL as well as a code. To get credit for new users you bring to Coppergoose, send them the link and ask them to use it to sign up. After that, you will start generating karma every time your friend plays. Whoa!

Karmic reactor codes

“Wait a minute!” you might say. “I told a bunch of my friends about Coppergoose before I knew about my karmic reactor. I deserve to mooch karma from their usage, don’t I?”

Indeed you do, my friend. Indeed you do.

To get karma from a current user you referred, you can ask them to insert your karmic reactor code into their profile page by going into their profile settings. As soon as they do, you’ll start reaping the rewards of their activity. So once you bring a new user on, make sure to pester them to keep playing!

referral code profile

To learn more about karmic reactors, including the goose’s discovery of them, click here.

Some Goosers Have All the Luck … or Do They?

Do you ever fear that the goose loves someone else more than you? That she’s giving all her best eggs to Don down the street, or Betty over in Ohio? Well, now you can put your fears to rest by checking out how often your arch-nemesis goosers actually win.   All you have to do is click on any user’s profile to see how many times the lucky goose has managed to lay hands on the goose’s hard-won giveaways.


Winner Stats

In case you’re curious, you can also click on any past giveaway displayed in a user’s profile (including your own) to see that user’s odds of winning the giveaway. The results will prove alternately amusing, infuriating, and, sometimes, even well-deserved.

Winner odds

No spam from Coppergoose. Ever.

Most of us here on the Internets get a little wary when we’re offered free stuff or other incentives that seem too good to be true. That’s because most of the time, they are too good to be true. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned not to proceed any further when

  1. My credit card number is requested for a “free” service; and
  2. When I get to the page where I enter my email address, and I see the tiny print beneath that claims I will now receive offers and information from the incentive’s “sponsors.”

That’s why the ONLY information Coppergoose collects from members during the sign-up process is an email address. You’ll notice that there’s no fine print, either. We collect your email address are so that a) you’ll have a unique log-in identity for participating on the site, and b) we can get in touch with you quickly when you win a prize.

If you choose, you can opt in to receive  email updates each time a new giveaway goes up. Besides notification of winnings, this is the only email you’ll get from Coppergoose. In the future, we might consider adding an option to receive updates about new features or other “goose news”, but this will also be an opt in process. If you want to turn your giveaway notifications on or off, you can do so in the “settings” tab when you’re logged into Coppergoose.

So, after you’ve been safely playing on Coppergoose.com for a few months without any spam coming your way, you might experience some trepidation the first time you win and you’re required to enter your mailing address. Rest assured that this address is not stored or shared–we use it to get the giveaway from our door to yours, and then we don’t access it again. That’s why, if you are a repeat winner, you must enter your address anew every time you win. We don’t store your personal information. To get all official, and stuff, you can check out our privacy policy and our terms and conditions for more info.

So, why do we do this? Because it’s fun for us, and it’s fun for you. Now go forth and win!